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Why Read Something Funny?

During my childhood, whenever I came back from school, I used to read newspapers for 30-45 mins. And during that time, I discovered the realms of politics, economics, business and sports.

What stood out for me at that time was 'Mr. Jug Suraiya' satirical writings about politics. There was a pinch of humor in whatever he wrote.

Made me realize this:

'Drive your point subtly, without aiming to offend no one, but wrapped in a layer of humor'.

People like that. Dummm, they love that!

And that gave me inspiration to write HumorousCJ blogs as well (you can find some of them here - And the motivation to start RSF as well. Delivering a moment of fun in people's lives, driving the subtle point all along.

Indeed, laughter is the best medicine.